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Hive of Activity

Hive of Activity

Ripple Craft HQ has been a hive of activity of late. We were busy getting organised for the last two markets at Violet Town and the Rose Street Market in Melbourne. It was a busy weekend but it was great to talk to some amazing local people as well those from interstate about our products. So many people were amazed that Colm makes everything by hand, bending, shaping and welding the stools. The only thing he doesn’t do is the powder coating,  these are sent off to be done locally (because he is fussy and wants to ensure the products meet his level of quality).

Murray Pine bespoke stools

The Ripple Craft office and workshop have been in overdrive providing quotes and making some lovely handcrafted stools for some new clients. You will see in the picture that the stools have been made from re-bar and the timber top is made from recycled and reclaimed Murray Pine floor boards. It’s great to see some amazing local timber bought back to life with love and care.

In other news, Colm has just received another order for two new bespoke designed stools which should challenge all of his creative talents. We will keep you updated on the progress of these shortly!


Image of recycled Australian timber graphic